Kidd Suave

Media Production Company

The Kidd Suave Crew


Simon Goodwin: Is our general manager and creative director and has worked on a vast number of projects from short films to commercials and music videos. He is the founder of UNICUS and specialises in the production of story boards and directing of documentaries.


Sarker Quashem: Our Director of Photography and Cinematographer, Sarker has been closely involved with the production of media for sporting events and sponsors within the sport industry such as the Supercars Championship (One 9 Media), and Swisse Multivitamins TV commercials (Noisy Beast), and has worked on our affiliate projects with UNICUS.


John Servedio: John has been a sound engineer for over 10 years. His career has taken him all around the world, working on small-scale projects such as sound design for Australian musicians all the way up to sound recording and engineering  on major television series'.


Izel Shevki: Assistant coordinator and resident photographer with over 3 years experience. She has gained her experience covering small and large-scale events such as local and international cricket, weddings, documentaries and music videos.


Luke Jeffs: Animation and Visual Graphics expert with over 10 years experience who is also involved in the post-production edits of our films.


Eren Cifcioglu: Graphic Designer for our artwork and illustrations with over 5 years experience in the creation of graphical promotional content.


Andrew Decker: Head of Screenplay, Andrew is responsible for bringing the stories together and writing scripts for our original short films.


With a vast range of experience ranging from sporting and music events to documentaries and weddings, our team provides their expertise to produce the finest quality videos for our clients.